I hope you can recharge your energy

Based on his years of experience, level skills and know-how, he can be managed with delicate touch

It’s a popular place, so I was looking forward to it before I visited. I made reservations and visited them before I visited.

However, if you call an hour before visiting, you can make a reservation on the same day.

Same. I could visit you when I was comfortable. A parking area.

I could park and get in. I’m worried about having Coronavirus infection-19.

I believe that you are trying to prevent hand disinfectant beach, visitor list, heat check, etc.

I was able to visit. It is neat and pleasantly decorated so that it can be massaged 당진마사지 comfortably.

I think I’ll do it. There’s a room, a room, a room, a room, a room, a family, a lover

I thought it would be good to get a massage. From aromatherapy to handwriting, skincare, massage

He said he could manage a lot of things. I thought he could manage it systematically.

When I chose the program I wanted, I prepared a warm car and foot bath.

The manager used the authentic product that he certified. He gave me delicate personalized care.

You’re gonna press the muscles together and massage them

It seemed to be unravelling. I was satisfied that you could hold the neglected part.

Yo. You’re good at controlling your strength and massage it softly and elastically with a product that doesn’t stimulate you.

I thought I was good at visiting

I’ve been giving massages

You should get it. You should get it!

I was thinking

I finally got it this time

It’s so cool and it’s so refreshing

It was like a circle and it was good

I don’t have a car

if it’s inconvenient to move

I’m a little hesitant

It was really good position

at the station

It seems like there’s a little distance

But I’m not gonna be able to

It was comfortable!

Those of you with a car

I think we can check the parking!

And I’m also thinking that you’re gonna be

I heard you’ve remodeled a new one!

The interior is very clean

The manager is so good at it

I got a really good service

I thought

First we enter the entrance

The cute interior

He caught my eye!

I mean, I’m actually good at being nice and kind

I’m not gonna be able to

You’re doing a part!

the massage shop is strangely

There’s something soaked up

There are many places where you’re reluctant to go in,

Nowon Massage The Foot Shop

It was clean and beautiful from the entrance

The massage shop has a couple room


The room is ready

as a reservation

It’s a business, you know?

You must refer to it

I hope you don’t mind

I asked if you could visit me that day

The fortress has to be particularly thorough in its prevention

I’m sure you’re going to be able to

so that there is no overlap

They say they run it on a reservation

I made a reservation in advance

in a private space

comfortable massage

I could have received it

I was waiting for you to check the store

in general

the interior of the feeling calming

I kept getting my eye on him

a little dark

The lights are all over the place

and the atmosphere in the shops is very good

I look for the reviews, and every time I go

The interior and props are different

They say it’s fun to watch

But whatever it is

The most impressed part

It’s a service

In fact, no matter how good you are

If the service is not good

I’m reluctant to go back to visit,

The service mind of the employees

I felt it was different

I’ve been asking you about your career

all careers


That’s how much you’re gonna be

with pride

I also had a service mind

I can only see the picture

The interior of the space looks quite wide

Especially when you enter the entrance

a foot bath facility

I’m sure the number of foot baths

It was composed,

it is to the air trajectorial structure


The embarrassing situation is not being produced

And this is the storage space

I’m not sure that there’s a unique amount

I could feel it

And the men’s and women’s dressing rooms and shower rooms

It was equipped,

in the women’s dressing room


There’s a beauty kit in place

I’m not gonna let you know

I’m just saying that I can get out of here

I’m sure you’re not

I think you’re here

and cleanliness

That it was pretty good!

I’m not a very good hotel

I’m taking my towels!

Sometimes a public bath, hotel,

at another massage shop

I’m not listening to any of the

The question of cleanliness

It’s been an issue a lot,

In Nowon Massage

I’m afraid I’ll be in trouble

I could save it!

After the return, the foot bath time is in full swing

with the steamed pack when the foot bathing

It’s available

You should try it

And a cup of warm tea with a foot bath

You can enjoy it

enjoying a simple refreshment

You can relax

Besides this, I’m not gonna

There are also various foot care products such as keratin care

They’re selling it

I’m not sure you’re going to be able to

I think it’s good

The course I booked

It was a dry massage,

in the state wearing the shop gown and prone

I got a massage

it presses to the finger pressure type

where the muscles are clustered

You can use your arm to get him out of here

It’s cool!

I recommend it!

This is a picture of the dressing room

The changing gowns

It’s neatly organized

It smells good and fluffy

He was relieved

There’s a brief shower in the dressing room

I can get aroma massages

I’m not gonna wash it

I’m pretty sure I’m in a good position

I can finish it!

with a massage

with all this fatigue

You can feel happy

so good that it’s a regular

I decided I should come

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