The massage parlors that follow the quarantine rules.

It was a real Ilsan massage.

When I was in my 20s, I could move.
Even if you work, after a day off,
I’ve been relieved of my fatigue, and I’ve given birth.
I’m in my thirties, I’m going to sleep.
Taking a break will relieve your fatigue.
So I’m taking nutritional supplements.
Why take care of your health when you’re in your 20s?
I understood you said I would.
I’ve been working a lot of work,
Sitting in front of the computer all day.
I’ve been working on it, and I’ve been working on it.
My back of the wing bone was painful and painful.

He’s having a hard time.
Look for a massage parlor.
They’re telling me to go and get it comfortably.
Personally, the massage I got in my 20s…
I’m not satisfied with the pre- and post-pregnancy.
I refused them all.
I was thinking about going to an oriental medicine clinic.
You said you found the real Ilsan massage.
He contacted me, talked to me,
I made a reservation because it was okay.

I made a reservation at Ilsan Massage.
I’ve been looking for reviews for the rest of the year.
It’s said to be good, so it’s reliable.
It’s not a pain. It’s a real.
Just because you’re releasing the clumps,
I’ve been looking forward to it!
You’re visiting on time.
It’s 50,000 won for two hours.
It’s a very loose phrase.
It caught my eye.

I went into the store and found that the slippers
It’s ready. It’s got a cabinet.
You keep your shoes and coat.
They came in.
Maybe it’s because I’m looking forward to it.
It’s been a while since I felt excited.
I felt it. I went in quickly.
Massages in Korea, China, Thailand, etc.
There are many different kinds of things, but I…
specializing in Chinese massage
It’s at the Imperial Massage in China.
Thailand is pressing hard on the floor.
But China has to do it one by one.
It’s a slow way of working out.
It’s been a long, solid release.
They say it’s very cool.

As soon as you go inside, you’re the first one.
I can see the desk. When it comes to China,
It reminds me of red and gold.
It was an interior design that seemed to be in China.
If you look at the foreground, you’ll see a comfortable atmosphere.
There are several plants to produce.
There’s a nice air purifier.
Relax and relax while you’re waiting.
There were sofas that I could get drunk on.
The teachers at Ilsan Massage are so…
She’s meticulous. She’s had a long career.
That you’re coming from far away.
I knew it, but I knew that celebrities.
I didn’t know there were so many!
It’s such a famous place.
It was almost impossible to get it without a reservation.

When I made a reservation, the latest date was
We were all full, so we were waiting.
I’m getting a massage for Corona.
Some of you are afraid to come, right?
I was a little reluctant to do that.
I’m also a thorough and disinfection.
Take your temperature from the hand sanitizing gel or the entrance.
If you’re at a high temperature, you’ll get a massage.
with confidence that I couldn’t receive it
I could get it.~
Two hours and 50,000 won is a special discount.
The price starts at 11 a.m. on weekdays.
It’s only available until 6 p.m.

It’s 60,000 won to get it outside of this hour.
The 80,000 won special is limited in time.
They don’t have it.
All the money goes in advance.
I’ve got two hours and 50,000 won bills.
It’s time, so I’ll pay 50,000 won.
I’ve been waiting to see the fishbowl for a while.
When I saw the fish swimming,
I wish I could go swimming this year.
You said you’d love to, and you thought about where to go.
I was there. I’m going to get a massage.
He called me to do it, so I moved.

The Thai food I used to get was on the floor.
I was lying down, and the Chinese style of bed.
They’re going to lie down.
The bed’s being kept clean.
It didn’t smell dry or gross.
I looked around, and there were a lot of people at once.
There’s a room I can get.
comfortably small
There was a room.
I went into the room where I was guided.
A skilled teacher came in.
You asked me where I felt the most uncomfortable.
Back and shoulders because of computer work
He said his wing bone hurts the most.

My legs are very edgy.
I feel heavy and uncomfortable from swelling.
I told him, and he knew it right away.
Massage has begun in earnest.
You can touch it with your hands.
The lumps are under strong pressure.
It’s not like you’re pressing it hard.
It’s a gentle way of chiropractic.
I couldn’t really feel the pain.
Rather, I feel so comfortable that I fall asleep.
He’s tired. He’s relaxed.
Maybe it’s because I feel much more relaxed.
That’s why people go around to get it.
I thought it was funny.

Is there any inconvenience in your spare time?
You asked me, and I touched it.
It’s been a lot of clumping here.
They agreed that it must have hurt a lot.
They don’t get it’s not in the dark.
I’m relieved. I’m sorry.
You’ve been releasing it’s getting more and more and more.
I felt comfortable.

The foot is the second heart, just the foot.
You’ll be able to stay healthy even if you release it well.
I like chiropractic slippers.
There’s someone here, right?
I’m so sick that acupressure slippers are…
I didn’t get to try, but it was softened up.
You let go of your feet 춘천마사지 with your hands.
The swelling in my legs has subsided a lot.
I’m not obese, but edema.
It’s so bad that in the evening, my legs are like…
It’s swollen like an elephant, and the shoes.
I took medicine because it didn’t fit well.

No matter how much I take medicine, I take a foot bath.
Even if you release it with a massage machine,
The bridge that didn’t lighten up.
It’s light and comfortable!
without missing a single part of it.
I’m just calmly massaging it.
It cools the body as a whole body.
My hair got clear.
He’s sick. He’s got a bad headache.
I was here, but I cleared my head.
I’m glad you came. Next time.
I made up my mind to come!
At Ilsan Massage Restaurant
The massage will correct your body shape.
a reputation for feeling like
I saw you twisting your back.
You’re letting it go cool.
I felt like I was getting my body shape corrected!

Ilsan Massage is different from other places.
There’s a differentiated professional teacher.
I heard it went viral, but when I heard it,
I can see why it went viral.
He’s so meticulous.
Shoulder, waist, etc. that were not cool enough
I’m glad you let it go on your own!
You’re not feeling well, and you’re safe with Corona.
The massage parlors that follow the quarantine rules.
If you want to go there, you can go to the Chinese Imperial Massage.
I recommend it.

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