Please think again for a better future.

Is there a place for late payments? I’ve got information that can help people looking for late payments. Loan is not a pleasant situation because most of the cases are inevitably received in a situation where money is urgently needed.
Especially if you have been overdue due to personal reasons, then the next loan will become more difficult. When you have to find out if there is another solution, you have to make a choice accordingly.
I applied because it was a place to lend delinquent loans, but when I go into the examination, I often hear that I can not borrow because of the delinquency record. In the case of unemployed or freelancers, you can get enough from the 1 financial sector, but you can say that it is difficult to accept the delinquency unless it is actually a private financial institution.
You should first look at the place where the highest interest rate of the court is over 24%, and you should be careful because the excessive interest rate can cause the debt to snowball and this can cause more difficult situations than now.
A place to lend overdue loans 1 place to lend overdue loans 1 financial sector

1 It is almost impossible to receive another loan with a delinquency record in the financial sector. Most financial institutions are subject to loan screening through creditworthiness, and most of the cases are rejected because they believe that the delinquency record is a problem with repayment ability.
loan possibility
You have to choose a place that is not related to creditworthiness because it is virtually impossible to judge and lend it to creditworthiness. There are some places where you can proceed, such as P2P, private loans, and mortgage loans. First, it is recommended to solve the delinquency first and then look again.
overdue history period

I had a late history, but I already paid it all back, so I went to a commercial bank without any worries and applied for a loan. Have you ever been rejected because of the late history? Usually, you think there will be no problem with new loans because you have repaid all the overdue amounts, but it is not.
It is really important to manage the delinquency information so that it is not overdue in the 폰테크 first place because it usually remains for about three years.

You don’t have any late payments?
Not at all. As I mentioned earlier, there are some products that are not credit-related, and there are some places where approval is given if there is a job in the case of sunshine or certain financial products.
But I’m saying that credit loans at commercial banks are almost impossible, and if you have collateral, you can find quite a lot of places possible. where they lend houses, apartments, etc. as collateral.

Be careful
I need to face the current situation and think clearly about my ability to repay. If I have the ability to repay, I can take the loan interest and receive the loan, but if not, please think again for a better future.
If you think that you can not repay the loan properly, it is also a way to think about the government support system such as personal bankruptcy. It is a better decision than to increase the debt if it is a priority to repay the existing debt and it can suffer the difficulties of financial transactions for a certain period of time.
If you think that you really need a loan, please check the loan rate and receive it only where you keep the 24% interest rate.

I would recommend a loan direct deal platform for those who are looking for a place to borrow overdue loans.In the case of the platform, it is a registered company that can be viewed on the financial sector, and it contains the majority of the lenders nationwide, so it can be compared and confirmed at a glance.

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