I ask Kang Seo-hae’s dad and go to the doctor.

Today, I’m going to leave a review on the last episode of Sisyphus.
Please be careful because the story can be a spoiler.

The screen returns to the cathedral.
Han Tae-sul provokes Sigma by talking as if she knows the future.
For some reason, Sigma has a problem and Sigma dies with someone’s help.

And Han Tae-sul and Kang Seo-hae use the upload to go back to the past with the help of the Ph.D. president.

Han Tae-sul and Gangseo-hae go to the time when Gangseo-hae was trapped in a bunker in the past.
Go and ask Kang Seo-hae’s dad to catch Seo Gil-bok and visit the doctor.

In the past, Han Tae-sul, who visited the doctor and received guns and sniper guns, was not the current Han Tae-sul, but the future Han Tae-sul.
I told the doctor that I should come to the cathedral in advance to let the doctor know the existence of my daughter.

Then, when Choi Jae-sun stayed at the Han River Park, where future Han Tae-sul visited the Gangseo Sea in the bunker, he met and handed her a bulletproof suit.

Like a time engineering torrent, it’s all messed up until the end.

In the end, when Sigma and Gangseo-hae Han Tae-sul suffered, it was the future Gangseo-hae and Han Tae-sul who shot Sigma on the second floor.

Kang Seo-hae’s father treats Seo Gil-bok as an official and gives him a warm hand rather than arresting him.

As a result, current Seo Gil-bok seems to have a problem with Sigma, who came from the future, as her anger toward people has faded a little.

Korean torrents usually end with a happy ending, but what can we do about this twist until the end? It’s a qualification test.

This concludes Torrent’s story.

I was curious about how the main characters who are likely to play in 토렌트킴 Sigma’s game will stop them, and how to solve the torrent based on the time machine. I think this torrent is fun enough.
In the middle, I was a little tired of the story development, but I think it was good and fun to watch the 16th episode.

Fresh, actor, and actor. It was a good torrent as much as JTBC made a big budget in terms of excitement.
If you haven’t watched it, I recommend you watch it.

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