If you want to get a recommendation on what would be right for me, the female CEO will do a great job.

As the weather gets better, I think I go to Yeonnam-dong more than twice a week.
First of all, Yeonnam-dong is better than Hongdae because it’s close to my house and I like the atmosphere around my house.
I love the feeling of walking in Yeontral Park when it’s cool in the evening. There are many hidden good restaurants here, so it’s fun to find them.
Not only me but also my friends have established themselves as a sacred place for couples, as they find Yeonnam-dong as the number one dating course.
I visited Yeonnam-dong with my friends yesterday. I, a solo artist, and a boyfriend and a girlfriend went together.
The three of us! We’re in perfect harmony.

I started walking in Yeonnam-dong aimlessly.
I just like to walk in the alley. I already looked for a hot place in Yeonnam-dong before I came here.
I heard that there’s a new restaurant that comes to mind less than two months after it opened, so I already made a reservation on Naver the day before.
I went to Yeonnam-dong Wine Bar, Yeonnam-dong Cocktail Gangnam Baseball Stadium.
The address is on the 241st floor of Donggyo-ro 38an-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul.
Exit 3 of Hongik University Station on Line 2 and walk through Yeontral Park and walk towards Yeonnam Police Station, it’s in the alley.
I think it took about 8 minutes to get off the station and walk.
It was so nice to walk around 6 o’clock because the weather was starting to get cooler.
My friend took a picture of me from the back, and my back looks like an art.
Let’s take a picture.
I was walking along Yeonnam-dong street with my friends and arrived at Yeonnam-dong Wine Bar, Yeonnam-dong Cocktail Gangnam Baseball Stadium.
The young lady owner welcomed me.
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a female CEO.
The young lady who runs a cocktail bar! That’s a great flex!
Please explain the type of alcohol and side dishes carefully. I don’t know what flavor or ingredients it contains.
If you want to get a recommendation on what would be right for me, the female CEO will do a great job.
The interior has a hip atmosphere, right? Overall, it’s dark, and I highlighted it with lighting.

Yeonnam-dong Wine Bar, Yeonnam-dong Cocktail Gangnam Baseball Stadium is open every day at 16 pm until dawn, but due to Corona regulations, it closes at 10 pm.
It’s possible to reserve good seats by Naver or phone reservation.
The signature here! The hidden photo zone!
The seat that people want to sit first is not by the window, but there is a 강남야구장 place that creates the deepest private space of Gangnam Baseball Stadium.
You can meet them if you walk straight inside the spacious store.

If I were alone, I would have sat at a bar and chatted with the female CEO. Because I came here with my friends, and because I was the first guest to come here, I was able to sit here.
Isn’t the entrance different from the entrance? Art frames are everywhere, so the interior is pretty and luxurious.
From the lighting to the overall atmosphere, this place was different.
A place that women would like?
My friend and I really like this place! It’s a shooting space for women’s hearts.
Ladies, come here.
Especially if you’re a man, you’ll be loved for making a reservation here in advance and bringing your girlfriend.
Date course! If you’re flirting, you have a 100% chance of success.
It’s not a quiet and private place, but it’s a private place.

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